Yearly archives: 2008

C.D., Leicester

I have been taking OmegaForce for some time now and would thoroughly recommend it. I initially tried it after having a coronary by-pass operation and suffering with high cholesterol… it keeps my cholesterol to an acceptable level without the need for statins which were upsetting […]

N.S., Dorset

I used to be full of health, always active and rarely ill. Then in October 2000 after two weeks of feeling very poorly (stiffness, photophobia, headaches, loss of bodily controls, high temp etc) I was finally diagnosed and admitted to hospital with viral meningitis ……….. […]

Age-defying athlete breaks Guinness World Record

Last Saturday, personal trainer Marc Battistella, aged 42, from Australia, proved that age is just a number when he broke the Guinness World Record for the longest aerobics class. Columbian Duberney Trujillo set the world record in February 2005, with a 24-hour long aerobics class. […]

Daily Express – ‘Could Oily Fish Help Autism?’

Article in The Daily Express Tuesday 8th April, 2008 Could Oily Fish Help Autism? Vegepa was recommended as the supplement of choice for a Daily Express case study; 14 year old Daniel suffered from Asperger’s syndrome and was also subject to bouts of severe depression: […]

S.A., West Sussex

I heard about your product through the insight AFME magazine about 12-18 months ago. As I had very little sleep, movement, with pain, poor concentration and memory, sensitivity to light and sound, I thought I would give Vegepa a go. There was a remarkable improvement […]

N.N., Hampshire

I have been buying Vegepa since my daughter did some extensive research on the internet and found out that omega 3 + 6 primrose oil would help my negative Arthritis. I had to stop some of my medication because it was damaging my Immune system, […]

S.C., Powys

I began using Vegepa in December 2007, after a friend recommended it as an effective remedy for depression. I expected to feel no effect for the first few months but began to feel better after 6-8 weeks; my episodes of low mood became less frequent.

C.P.B., Norfolk

I stopped taking it for 8 weeks because I lost them whilst abroad. I was under a lot of stress whilst there which ceased upon my return.

A.B., Liverpool

My whole body and mental state has improved since I first went to a lecture by Professor Puri in Manchester. I recently had a letter from a person in Singapore who is benefiting from EPA, this is a good company with scientific back up by […]

S.N., Berkshire

If I don’t take vegepa regularly, my joints start aching, Knees and hand joints. I take about 3 capsules a day, I heard about EPA at the MBS fair at Kempton Park about 4 years ago at Proffers or Puri’s lecture.

D.M.W., Derbyshire

I have ME/CFS – Myalgic Encephalo Myelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which developed in March 2004 after contracting viral pneumonia and pleurisy. I have been taking VegECO since seeing Professor Puri’s speech in Nottingham 2 to 3 years ago. I find the small tablets easy […]

Inflammation in Irritable Bowel Disease

Inflammation in Irritable Bowel Disease Diet is thought to be one of the most important factors in the cause of diseases of the large bowel, including colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Whilst the role of individual fatty acids in human colorectal cancer risk […]

M.C., Essex

I have been taking Vegepa for over a year for help with depression of many years. I am pleased to say that the results of taking 1000mg daily have made a big difference. After taking Seroxat for 9 years and managing to cope with the […]