Daily archives: June 3, 2008

N.N., Hampshire

I have been buying Vegepa since my daughter did some extensive research on the internet and found out that omega 3 + 6 primrose oil would help my negative Arthritis. I had to stop some of my medication because it was damaging my Immune system, […]

S.C., Powys

I began using Vegepa in December 2007, after a friend recommended it as an effective remedy for depression. I expected to feel no effect for the first few months but began to feel better after 6-8 weeks; my episodes of low mood became less frequent.

C.P.B., Norfolk

I stopped taking it for 8 weeks because I lost them whilst abroad. I was under a lot of stress whilst there which ceased upon my return.

A.B., Liverpool

My whole body and mental state has improved since I first went to a lecture by Professor Puri in Manchester. I recently had a letter from a person in Singapore who is benefiting from EPA, this is a good company with scientific back up by […]

S.N., Berkshire

If I don’t take vegepa regularly, my joints start aching, Knees and hand joints. I take about 3 capsules a day, I heard about EPA at the MBS fair at Kempton Park about 4 years ago at Proffers or Puri’s lecture.

D.M.W., Derbyshire

I have ME/CFS – Myalgic Encephalo Myelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which developed in March 2004 after contracting viral pneumonia and pleurisy. I have been taking VegECO since seeing Professor Puri’s speech in Nottingham 2 to 3 years ago. I find the small tablets easy […]