Yearly archives: 2008

S.D., Lancashire

I originally started taking Vegepa at 8 capsules daily for depression. I am much better but I had to continue with a traditional antidepressant as well. I continued with the Vegepa and notice that my skin, hair and nails are in excellent condition. I intend […]

Omega-3 EPA ‘Is As Effective As Prozac’ For Depression

A growing number of observational and epidemiological studies have suggested that major depression is associated with reduced dietary intake and/or cellular levels of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Indeed, it has been previously shown that individuals suffering from major depression are more likely to have low […]

T.G. Bristol

I use Vegepa for arthritic knees and neck and for a healthier skin.…I experience greater ease of flexibility and my mental awareness is sharper.

C.S., Inverclyde

I have been taking Vegepa now for 2 years for ME which I have had for many years now, resulting in muscle pain, general fatigue and sleep disorders. After many attempts taking various supplements I read about Vegepa and decided to try it. Since taking […]

M.L., Cornwall

Vegepa has proven instrumental in bettering my condition.…I have more energy now, my moods have improved vastly – I feel balanced – and also my memory has improved (I had the proverbial 3-second memory of a goldfish before Vegepa – the typical M.E. brain fog). […]

A.H. Essex

I am a lady of 61 Years who has a mental imbalance. If untreated I become depressed and over anxious and so my lifestyle is built around coping with this by diet, exercise, medication, self help groups and most importantly Vegepa. I feel this has […]

K Reece, Nottingham

I started taking Vegepa July 2006 – after 3 months I realised I was sleeping better, I ran out of your product a couple of months ago. It was a while before I found I was not sleeping well. It has taken me a further […]

J.S. Bristol

Almost immediately after taking 8 Vegepa a day I felt better. I have suffered clinical depression for 40 years and it is a long sad story. But my life has been transformed for 3 months now after taking Vegepa. I have never gone so long […]

G.M., Northants

My son and I are taking supplements and both of us noticed improvements. My son’s behaviour has improved and he is much more aware of social skills (he has ADHD and Aspergers). I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and since starting these supplements, I have found […]

M.R, Shrewsbury

My husband and I do not have any medical conditions as far as we know, but felt that our diet was deficient in essential fatty acids.  We began taking Vegepa in December 2006 and both think that we feel happier in ourselves for doing so. […]

L.P., Stafford

I have suffered for over twenty years from arthritis and acute dryness of eyes, skin, mouth hair, nails. I also had stomach, bowel and urinary problems. I started to take Vegepa after watching a television program some time ago and I have found a great […]

E.J.T, Bristol

I have been using Vegepa for 18 months now and have seen a real improvement in my general health, movement and symptoms of PMT/Menopause.  Less aching, more energy and more clarity. Thank you