Monthly archives: June 2010

Blood Banks Urged to Discourage CFS Donors

The AABB, formerly known as the American Associated of Blood Banks, has called upon its members to discourage patients with chronic fatigue syndrome from donating blood because of concerns over the transmission of the human retrovirus XMRV , first linked to the condition last Autumn. […]

L. Ball, Essex

Although I suffer badly with pain, my actual joints are quite mobile. I find the Vegepa enables me to tolerate my medication easier. It helps with the anti-muscarinic effects. When I have a particularly bad day with my illness, I take an extra vegepa and […]

E. Bull, Nottingham

Service is fantastic, order online and product normally received next day. I normally take Vegepa capsules and have been for the last few years. I believe they have made a massive improvement to my ME. I still have bad times and even relapses but difference […]

Obesity Linked with Brain Volume Decline in Old Age

Obesity is widely understood to pose a threat to our health; indeed it can adversely affect heart and blood pressure, our risk of developing type II diabetes and arthritis, not to mention damaging our self-esteem.  What scientists are now finding is that obesity it also […]

Oxytocin Nasal Spray for Autism?

It is common for people suffering from autism to find basic social interactions difficult; looking people in the eye, for instance, is often a challenge, as is determining a person’s trustworthiness.  New research suggests that these two symptoms can be improved with the inhalation of […]

Mrs G. Smith, Kent

Vegepa is the only medication that has made any difference to my daughter’s ME. From being unable to undertake a simple shopping trip she has improved to successfully complete two degrees, leave the family home and begin work as a freelancer. Her immune response has […]

Sussane Norman, Bristol

I have suffered from ME/Fibromyalgia for many years – my cognitive function and speech were affected and I suffered from “brain fog”. I read about Vegepa and thought I’d give it a try; I am glad I did. After the initial 2 or 3 months […]