Yearly archives: 2011

Christmas deliveries and opening hours

Christmas deliveries and opening hours Christmas is closing in so below are the hours our order line will be open over the Christmas Period: Friday 23rd December: 9am – 4pm Monday 26th December (Boxing Day): CLOSED Tuesday 27th December: CLOSED Wednesday 28th December: 9am – […]

Five foods for an immune kick-start

Winter is upon us and, along with the sharp temperature drop and the preparations for Christmas, comes the expectation of a bout of cold or flu. But it is important to understand that suffering a drawn-out winter cold is not inevitable. It is possible to […]

Top five veggie nutrient needs

Vegetarians and vegans may exhibit wide diversity in their dietary practices, but they are linked by what they omit from their diet.  When a vegetarian/vegan diet is well-planned, diverse in choice and includes fortified foods, it can be nutritionally adequate, offering a wide variety of […]

Fast food and the fast route to depression

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ and the majority of us are familiar with the fact that so-called ‘junk food’ can have a major influence on our health, both short and long term. According to a recent study from Spain, this […]

21st September – World Alzheimer’s Day 2011

According to The World Alzheimer Report 2011, three-quarters of the estimated 36 million people with dementia worldwide do not have a formal diagnosis. Understanding the condition and its key symptoms are therefore paramount for early diagnosis and intervention. As such, the theme for World Alzheimer’s […]

BodyFit Magazine – ‘Q & A on salt’

Dr Nina Bailey was featured as an expert in Questions & Answers section of ‘BodyFit Magazine’. If you want to find an answer for the question: “I’ve recently read conflicting ideas about how much salt we should include in our diets – I eat well […]

Understanding how the omega-3 index influences heart health

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in many developed countries, and its incidence is increasing at a rapid rate in developing countries.  Diet and lifestyle issues are closely associated with a myriad of cardiovascular disease risk factors that include abnormal cholesterol levels, high lipid levels, hypertension, […]

Focus on ADHD – a one-day CPD event at Igennus

In June we organized a one-day BANT CPD-accredited seminar, entitled Focus on ADHD. Due to the overwhelming interest in the conference, we are pleased to announce that the next CPD event will take place on 23rd September 2011. The seminar is open to practitioners, teachers […]

Robin Pauc

Robin Pauc is a Past Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology. He has been in clinical practice for over 30 years and now has a special interest in developmental disorders in children. Robin is the author of a number of books covering a variety of genres […]