Yearly archives: 2013

Food Or Foe, by Lola Renton

Most of us have a friend who would rather chop off their right hand than add milk to their tea. Maybe it is you who wouldn’t force down a slice of toast even if your life depended on it? For many, refusing bread and milk […]

Sniffing out hay fever, by Lola Renton

While some of us are basking in the summer sun, others are locking their doors and windows, hiding away from an almighty army of tiny soldiers looking for a fight. Yes, oh dear, it’s that time of the year again when instead of a healthy […]

Bring me Sunshine… by Lola Renton

Being the largest organ in our body, shielding us from all sorts of environmental onslaughts, our skin has always been an object of obsession. In teenage years we are plagued by acne and spots, while later on we struggle with hormonal outbreaks and hangover pimples. […]

The Sunday Times Style magazine

Pharmepa Step 1: Restore E-EPA 90 was featured in Sally Brompton’s column on Sunday 30th June. Just the Essentials “I have a depressive illness and GPs always ask if I take fish oils, by which they mean omega 3.  Its remedial ingredient is EPA, which […]

The Fat Fallacy, by Lola Renton

For the better part of the last 50 years we have been told to stick to a low fat diet if we want to slim down, avoid heart disease and stay healthy. Fat was clearly portrayed as the devil inside, clogging up arteries and wrecking […]

Food vs teenagers, by Lola Renton

The day you lose control over your child’s diet is often the day that facebook, twitter and mobile phones become more important than playgrounds, bedtime stories and teddy bears, closely followed by the opposite sex, parties and everything but a health conscious lifestyle. As soon […]

An age-old problem, by Lola Renton

Before we delve into the depths of the mythical fountain of youth, we have to clarify one or two things. We will all grow old and none of us can escape age spots and greying hair. We should accept this as a fact of life […]

A ‘glutenous’ lifestyle, by nutritionist Lola Renton

Coeliac disease is more common than we think. It affects about 1 in 100 people but only 10 – 15% receive the correct diagnosis. When your immune system launches a full-blown military assault against your breakfast toast, bloating, stomach cramps and nutrient deficiencies are just […]

Sugar highs and serotonin lows by Lola Renton 1

Most of us have experienced the typical three o’clock slump.  You are sitting in the office feeling irritated, moody and tired whilst staring at the biscuit tin in hope of salvation. You know that this tempting piece of sugary heaven does not do you any […]

Nutrition perspective: Life in the raw

Raw vegan Ann has been a vegetarian for most of her life. Far from experiencing the health enhancing benefits usually associated with being vegetarian, Ann was borderline obese with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and dangerously high body fat. In addition, she was suffering from […]