Yearly archives: 2014

Top 12 tips for a happy, healthy Christmas

The New Year is often a good time to think about making positive changes in our lives, so why not focus on how incredible you’ll feel next month if you’ve taken a little extra care of yourself this Christmas. We’ve compiled our 12 top tips […]

Jacqueline Page

“Hi, my story of discovering the benefits of Vegepa was through my ex husband and our divorce.   This was a traumatic and upsetting time in my life, and finding myself left to raise two small children, manage a part time job and getting used to a new […]

Nutritional protocols for gut permeability

Terms used for gut permeability Various terms are used to describe gut permeability. Controversy exists with the commonly used term leaky gut syndrome, as some practitioners have blown it out of proportion, suggesting it to be a disease. In reality, it is evident that a […]

Top 10 tips to beat colds fast 2

Too many late nights in a row and something going around at the office is not a great combination. If you start to get the sniffles, or perhaps your glands are starting to swell and you suddenly feel exhausted, it is likely that your body […]

Lucy Harper

Lucy is a registered nutritional therapist based in Malvern.  Lucy will work with you to support you in your aim for better and optimum health by looking at nutritional imbalances and how these may be contributing to your health concerns. Nutritional therapy aims to benefit […]

Glucosamine debate: Sulphate or Hydrochloride?

Glucosamine is the most popular supplement for joint support and it’s also well established to be an effective treatment for joint-related conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  There is an ongoing debate, however, about which form of glucosamine works better and is more efficient […]

Judith Banks, Suffolk

Just arrived home and my parcel has arrived……WOW! What service! I would just like to say how impressed I’ve been with you throughout, I received friendly and helpful advice when I needed help, and now cannot believe how quickly the package has arrived; love how […]

Inflammation and autoimmunity

The immune system is a complex and tightly regulated system designed to protect the body from all invading pathogens and repair damage caused to cells by injury, infection and stressors. The correct functioning of this extremely precise process is dependent on numerous factors including diet, […]