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Is there such a thing as a weight loss diet?

Is there such a thing as a weight loss diet? Well, the answer is quite straightforward – depending on who you ask. Globally, the weight loss industry is worth a staggering US$586.3 billion as of 2014 and they will most definitely answer this question with […]

Kate Ormsby

I am a qualified and experienced Nutritional Therapist, with specialist training and interest in all aspects of Women’s Health. I also have significant expertise and interest in weight management, digestive health & chronic health conditions.  I feel I have a warm and empathetic personality, and […]

Managing depression through diet

While there isn’t one fixed diet that could essentially ‘cure’ depression, there are certain foods that are known to help alleviate symptoms and others known to fuel and drive depressive symptoms. In her recent webinar ‘managing depression through diet’ Dr Nina Bailey explains the importance […]

Wendy Hills

Wendy is a Nutritional Therapist practising in the Thanet towns of Broadstairs, Margate and Ramsgate. Wendy studied at the internationally renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition and is registered with the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare […]

Personalising omega-3 treatment for optimal results using a biomarker-based approach, by Dr Nina Bailey

Camexpo talk summary The use of omega-3 is common in clinical practice, yet inter-individual differences in treatment outcomes can be a challenging barrier to successful intervention. The impact of dose, bioavailability and subsequent cellular enrichment can affect clinical outcomes and Dr Bailey explains why personalised nutrition […]

Balancing hormones naturally 2

The perils of hormone imbalances are increasingly associated with greater exposure to man-made chemicals such as BPA and phthalates, but there is more than chemical doom and gloom when it comes to balancing our hormones naturally. Chemicals seem to engulf us wherever we go these […]

Cynthia Sillars

Working from Harrogate, Darlington and Newcastle upon Tyne, Cynthia Sillars is the ‘Health Detective’ because what she does best is take a deeper look into health to uncover hidden underlying conditions. Her training is in kinesiology, nutrition and natural ways of restoring health, known as […]

Brigitte Hackney

I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. An organisation that is celebrating 50 years of professional excellence(1962-2012). I have completed more than a 1000 hours of training, in addition to my kinesiology training, including further qualifications in Nutrition, anatomy and physiology, counselling […]

Dietary foundations for autoimmune disease 1

Autoimmune disease has rightfully earned its title as a 21st century disease. In the early eighties, many of us would have expected robots to rule the world by now and humanity defending itself against invading forces from far away galaxies; little did we know that […]

Weight management: how to avoid overeating 4

Fat has long been the number one enemy of serial dieters and weight loss gurus; a whole industry has been built on the foundation that ‘fat makes you fat’ and avoiding it will help you shed the pounds. Limiting your intake of greasy foods is […]