Monthly archives: January 2017

Henrietta Paxton

I have been an international athlete (pole vaulter) for the last 15 years, with a huge love of proper, good food. I want to enable everyone to love food and their bodies and enjoy what they eat. When it comes to athletes I am passionate […]

Spotlight on Omegaflex joint nutrition supplements 1

The impact of current ‘western-style’ diet and lifestyle habits on our physical health is reflected by the increasing occurrence in musculoskeletal conditions within the UK.   These painful, often disabling conditions affect the joints, bones and muscles, often resulting in long-term disability. [1] Risk factors for […]

Suzanne Roberts

Suzanne has spent the past 20 years helping people find ways to deal with stress. She is an advanced kinesiology practitioner and uses a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Manufacturing update: understanding excipients

Our products are formulated for efficacy and as such we choose our raw ingredients carefully, with a focus on factors such as form and bioavailability.  In addition to the active ingredients, we are also very careful when it comes to choosing our excipients.  These non-active […]

Introducing Longvida® Optimised Curcumin

65x higher peak plasma levels, 285x greater bioavailability and 7x longer-lasting action than standard curcumin!! The latest product launch from Igennus Healthcare Nutrition is Longvida® Optimised Curcumin – a highly soluble, highly stable form of ultra-bioavailable curcumin – to our knowledge, the most advanced curcumin formula […]

Natasha Alonzi

I am a mother of two with a great deal of life experience. I listen and my approach is friendly, caring and professional. Often described as empathetic I relate easily to others. I am passionate about food and health. My hobby is cooking and I […]