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Customer support nutritionist – full time

About us Igennus Healthcare Nutrition manufactures and distributes premium health supplements, offering natural and science-backed solutions for health and wellbeing. Our products are distributed through private clinics, health food shops and pharmacies, as well as retailers such as Holland & Barrett, Amazon and Victoria Health. […]

Omega-3 testing: should you do it?

  Optimal omega-3 status (meaning the amount of omega-3 that is actually in your cells) is linked with many different aspects of good health, from having a healthy immune system, heart and brain, improved mood, good sleep, energy and recovery from exercise, to reduced risk […]

Caroline Schofield

I am passionate about helping people to prevent disease and experience their fullest health potential. My mission is to achieve this by teaching people how nutrition and lifestyle can help to support the body’s natural healing processes. I would like to see the global disease-centred […]