Our brands

Our specialist nutrition brands are scientifically formulated using premium, natural ingredients to offer intensive support for health. Our supplements are used in clinical nutrition by healthcare practitioners for specific health conditions, as well as individuals seeking the best quality, most effective supplements for maintaining optimal health.

We specialise in clinical nutrition because our core belief is that high quality, well researched supplements play an important role in healthcare. Supplements also play a crucial role in keeping people well, so it’s a natural extension of our expertise at Igennus to bring fantastic quality supplements to those who want a little bit of extra support with their non-clinical health concerns – perhaps related to energy, immunity, stress or mild mood issues – as well as those who want the protective benefits that optimal nutrition can provide.


Clinical omega-3 range

Designed for clinical use, brands such as Pharmepa®, Vegepa® and Omegaflex® are premium formulations designed to address specific ailments using highly bioavailable nutrients at dosages scientifically proven to deliver benefits. Echiomega® is a vegetarian & vegan alternative for people who require more EPA in their diet.

Igennus clinical omega-3 supplements are among the best fish oil supplements available without prescription. We use concentrated omega-3 oils ranging from 70-90% EPA and DHA, which is 2-3 times the strength of standard fish oil supplements. Such high concentrations mean that higher, more effective doses can be achieved in a smaller volume of oil, in small, easy-to-swallow capsules. Not only are our higher concentration omega-3 oils more efficiently absorbed than lower concentration supplements, but they are also weighted in favour of delivering higher ratios of EPA to support the body’s increased demands for this nutrient throughout most of life.


Synergistic nutrients

Formulated to support and enhance the benefits of our clinical omega-3 range, our synergistic nutrients are ideal for topping up the diet when not eating well or if in need of a boost due to stress, inadequate sleep or illness. Each supplement contains ingredients chosen for high bioavailability at doses shown to deliver benefits. To maximise delivery and absorption, we use slow-release technology to prolong the release of vitamins and minerals, and VESIsorb® and Longvida® technology to optimise ubiquinol and curcumin absorption and uptake.

MindCare Range (web


MindCare®, extends our nutrition offerings to provide optimal wellbeing for the brain – for stress & anxiety, mental performance, mood balance and age-related cognitive decline. MindCare® provides intensive support for general health and wellbeing with scientifically

developed formulations using the highest quality raw ingredients at effective doses.

MindCare® supplements offer comprehensive brain nutrition using ingredients scientifically proven to support the central nervous system, cognitive function, neurotransmitter production, mood balance, mental performance and age-related cognitive decline.


Pure Essentials comprises the very best supplement formulas developed by Igennus nutrition scientists at doses suitable for advanced everyday nutrition. This range captures the very best of natural raw ingredients and uses advanced delivery technologies proven by science to deliver optimal amounts of nutrients into the body. Rest assured that Pure Essentials supplements adhere to the same quality credentials as any Igennus supplement – premium, well tolerated natural ingredients, sometimes enhanced using delivery technologies to improve/increase bioavailability and always effective.


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