Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on three simple principles. These provide a comprehensive framework that guides all of our decisions and day-to-day workings, as well as our longer term vision.

1 – be kind to your health

Health is fundamental to our enjoyment of life, though it’s often only when our health has been compromised that we fully appreciate its importance. Our purpose is to help support and enhance your physical health and wellbeing so that you can live healthily and happily.

2 – follow science, not trends

Nutrition science is complex, vast and ever evolving, so we set out to be specialists in certain areas of health and nutrition. Our high degree of focus enables our nutrition scientists to maintain in-depth, up-to-date knowledge, so that Igennus continues to offer the most effective health supplements and accurate advice, based on research that is scientifically sound and therapeutically validated. We maintain close partnerships with research institutions and keep abreast of the latest scientific developments, ensuring our products are at the cutting edge of clinical nutrition.

3 – prevention is the key to good health

We believe good health can be achieved and sustained naturally through a varied and balanced intake of seasonal natural foods, while food supplements play an important role in topping up our intake of certain nutrients not consistently found in Western diets. We only source the highest quality raw ingredients provided by nature and proven to be efficacious, safe & well tolerated.

Our ‘raison d’être’ is to support people in leading healthy and happy lives, and we do so in a few ways. We are a food supplement company first and foremost, and we manufacture effective, science-based natural supplements from bioavailable and premium raw ingredients. We also offer advice about diet and lifestyle in health generally and more specifically, in several specific areas of health. We endeavour to keep our website content informative and up-to-date, commission regular articles from our in-house nutritionists and offer nutrition consultations where individuals require more personalised, in-depth support.

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