Our story

Igennus Healthcare Nutrition was formed in 2004 after our co-founder and CEO, Dr Jav Nazemi PhD, was introduced to pioneering nutrition research that would boost his family’s interest in complementary medicines and fuel an interest that culminated in a dramatic career change for Jav.

Jav Nazemi Igennus CEO

Our journey

Our CEO Dr Jav Nazemi PhD co-founded Igennus in 2004 after a roller coaster journey involving a relative’s chronic heart condition, a chance introduction to the pioneering research of an eminent doctor, and an entrepreneurial nature that converted his lay interest in complementary medicines to what is now a thriving nutrition company. Fourteen years after Jav’s dramatic career change from software consultancy, and both his daughters joining the company after graduating university courses in law and politics, we’ve gone through several phases of evolution in our family-run business. Our EPA omega-3 focus kept us busy for a good few years; you wouldn’t believe it now, but few people were aware of the science around EPA in the noughties! Our pioneering EPA formulations attracted international press coverage, involvement in clinical trials and collaborations with leading research institutions. Igennus focused exclusively on omega-3s in clinical nutrition for a good decade – the huge body of clinical research meant that there was a lot to talk about and many applications, from mental health to fertility to sports performance. Since then we’ve built a solid reputation for developing proprietary formulations, many of which are used clinically with healthcare professionals. More recently,  we have taken our nutrition science expertise and expanded our range of nutrition supplements to include exceptional quality ingredients at doses suitable for everyday wellbeing.

As our small team expanded, so has our focus and offering. While Jav’s family’s values and philosophy continue to guide our journey, our nutritionists have also heavily influenced the company’s orientation – always remaining science-led, with knowledge and expertise that go far beyond formulating nutrition supplements.  In our bid to help people live healthier, happier and more active lives, we now choose to deploy our passions and expertise in ways today we could not have considered when we began.  As health practitioners and lecturers in their own right, our nutritionists now share their experience and advice through our nutrition blog and via video health consultations at MyOnlineCLINIC.

If we don’t believe in it, we simply won’t promote it

Considering ourselves champions of things that are proven to be health-promoting, we will never recommend or manufacture something we don’t believe in or wouldn’t take ourselves. While most of us are pretty committed users of food supplements, we’re also proponents of getting out into nature, meditation, eating well, enjoying time with those with whom we are close and being active – but also not taking it – or ourselves – too seriously.

We look forward to our continuing evolution as a company, shaped by the changing needs of our population in response to our changing environment, technology and our food chain.

Wishing you health and longevity,

The Igennus Team.















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