Mina Nazemi

Top 12 tips for a happy, healthy Christmas

The New Year is often a good time to think about making positive changes in our lives, so why not focus on how incredible you’ll feel next month if you’ve taken a little extra care of yourself this Christmas. We’ve compiled our 12 top tips […]

Jacqueline Page

“Hi, my story of discovering the benefits of Vegepa was through my ex husband and our divorce.   This was a traumatic and upsetting time in my life, and finding myself left to raise two small children, manage a part time job and getting used to a new […]

Lucy Harper

Lucy is a registered nutritional therapist based in Malvern.  Lucy will work with you to support you in your aim for better and optimum health by looking at nutritional imbalances and how these may be contributing to your health concerns. Nutritional therapy aims to benefit […]

Judith Banks, Suffolk

Just arrived home and my parcel has arrived……WOW! What service! I would just like to say how impressed I’ve been with you throughout, I received friendly and helpful advice when I needed help, and now cannot believe how quickly the package has arrived; love how […]

Feature story – Nicola Reed

For massage therapist Nicola, having a visible and uncomfortable skin condition on her arms and around her body couldn’t help but affect her confidence with clients and her ability to do her job. An avid vegetarian for the past twenty years and someone who was […]

Anne Tuhkanen

Anne qualified as a chiropractor in 1988. Since then she has treated musculo-skeletal disorders with chiropractic, soft tissue work, exercise and nutrition. For the past few years Anne’s main interests have been especially Developmental Delay Syndromes and Benign Positional Vertigo. Nutrition plays a major role […]

Julia Charles

By using a number of diagnostic tools my aim is to identify the underlying cause of a problem in order to advise, empower and educate you to take control of your own health and wellbeing. Generally, in this western world of instant gratification, highly processed […]

Practitioner Spotlight: Robin Pauc

This month we speak to Robin Pauc and find out why Igennus products are top of his list for his integrative approach to treating childhood neurological disorders: “In the past I have used a variety of products that are readily available on the supermarket shelves. […]

Claire De Gruchy, Kent

“My name is Claire De Gruchy, I was recommended to use Pharmepa STEP 1: RESTORE & Omegaflex DUO.   I injured my knee so was already taking another brand of omega fish oils, however I was recommended to switch and I am so glad I did.  I […]

Nicola Reed, Surrey

“My name is Nicola Reed. I am 45 years old & work as a remedial & sports massage therapist. Two years ago I started to develop small itchy red patches on the skin on my legs and arms. Before too long I had these patches […]

Christine Dalton, Sussex

“I bought some Vegepa E-EPA 70 for my grandson aged 5 because he was having difficulties at school. He was restless, would not join in with activities, and was getting into trouble. The SEN representative was getting involved and tried to start dishing out labels […]