Sophie Tully

Sophie Tully

About Sophie Tully BSc, MSc, DipPT

A trained pharmacologist, Sophie pursued her passion for health and nutrition by completing a master’s degree in Clinical & Public Health Nutrition at UCL, London. Sophie balances her Igennus role with her own private nutrition and health consultancy business working with elite athletes and the general public to achieve optimal health through lifestyle and dietary interventions. Sophie’s main research interests lie in the role of nutrition and lifestyle in inflammation, psychology and immunology. Sophie also lectures at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

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A client walks into your clinic with a possible diagnosis of bowel cancer after blood has been found in the stool during a routine screening. Do you: Panic and politely ask them to leave whilst you quiver in the corner of your consulting room Pretend […]

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The fastest, most effective, clinical omega-3 protocol for truly personalised support Omega-3 EPA and DHA – what, when and how much? Our requirements for omega-3 change throughout the life stages, with structural DHA being most important during infant development, and functional EPA being the dominant […]