Become a case study

Essentials July 2013 cuttingWe are often asked to provide case studies for media articles on various conditions, including ME/CFS, depression and parents of children with ADHD. We are looking for people who take our products for a specific condition, and who have noticed improvements to their health, who are willing to be put forward for media interviews as part of our PR activity. You must be willing to talk informally and freely about your experiences. We offer a year’s supply of free supplements for any stories published in the media.

How to apply

Please send a brief summary (up to 500 words) about yourself with your contact details to testimonials to We’re always delighted to receive testimonials for our website so if you’ve benefited from our products but would prefer not to be part of media activity, that’s fine – we’ll gladly send you a free box of your regular product for testimonials we can post online to thank you for your time (or two if you send your testimonial together with an image).

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