Preconception to post-natal health: case studies and clinical pearls, with guest speaker Catherine Jeans

Date: July 6, 2016
Time: All-day

This webinar will give you an interesting insight into the practicalities of working with women and couples as they go through their fertility journey, from pre-conception, through to pregnancy and post-natal recovery. Catherine presents this online lecture through the use of key case studies, highlighting:
• The importance of supporting the adrenals for female fertility, and how this may impact on progesterone levels
• Key functional tests which may help you understand what may be preventing conception and successful pregnancy outcomes
• How to work with women going through assisted conception
• How to become a “fertility detective” and support couples with unexplained fertility issues
• Using a 3 month window between trying to conceive again – key supplements for optimal results
• Managing common problems found in pregnancy – iron deficiency anaemia to hyperemesis gravidarum
• How nutritional therapists can support women before birth and the early post-natal recovery – what really needs to go in the hospital bag!
• Preventing post-natal burn out – many women, especially after their second pregnancy, experience post-natal burn out after roughly 6 to 9 months after birth. Why is this and how we can we support women through this?

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Catherine_Jeans_Profile_shot_1_JPEG_(2)Catherine Jeans Dip ION mBANT CNHC The Family Nutrition Expert is a nutritional therapist based in Norfolk, specialising in family and female health. She has worked with many women and couples, leading them through fertility and pre-conceptual care, to pregnancy and beyond. She is director of The Orange Grove Clinic, a multi-disciplinary clinic, where she leads their fertility programme that combines different therapies alongside nutrition to support couples through their fertility journey. She also has a keen interest in digestive health, cancer, bariatric surgery and children’s health, providing practical workshops, nutritional support and menu audits for various institutions around the region, including foster care organisations, schools, cancer charities and The Spire Hospital. She is currently featured in The Telegraph on a weekly basis in the run up to the Olympics, as the Aldi Olympic nutritionist, and will be appearing in a new Channel 4 Documentary this summer, delivering DNA test results to the presenter and leading her through dietary changes to support her genetic code and gene expression. More information can be found at

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