Applied nutrition for hormone dysfunction

Time: 6:00 pm

Kyla covers the complications of hormone levels in the body, explaining some of the most common causes of imbalanced hormones and how this relates to symptoms; PMS, fertility and skin conditions in particular are detailed, considering both male and female hormones. Methods used to identify hormone imbalances, including symptoms and diagnostic testing, are also covered. During this webinar, Kyla offers practical diet and supplement advice to modulate hormones to healthy levels in the most natural way possible, so your clients can avoid dependence on hormone medication.

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Kyla Newcombe

About Kyla Newcombe

Kyla is a highly qualified clinical nutritionist with a master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine. Kyla runs her own private practice, offering personalised dietary and supplement advice. Kyla has extensive experience in weight management, skin disorders and digestive issues. Her website is at Kyla regularly contributes to articles for leading consumer magazines, and blogs about healthy cake ingredients and recipes at