Applied nutrition for mind and mood

Date: September 17, 2013
Time: All-day

This talk includes practical diet and supplement advice on prevention and management of mind and mood related disorders, such as depression. Kyla discusses how diet can affect your mood and mind, including the importance of fatty acids, and how farming and cooking techniques may have changed our diets for the worse. The link to chronic inflammation, the effect of your body’s stress response, and how to measure these in clinical tests are covered so that personalised nutritional protocols can be followed. Kyla also explain how diet and supplements can help to improve sleep and cognitive function.

View the webinar recording on YouTube.

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Kyla Newcombe

About Kyla Newcombe

Kyla is a highly qualified clinical nutritionist with a master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine. Kyla runs her own private practice, offering personalised dietary and supplement advice. Kyla has extensive experience in weight management, skin disorders and digestive issues. Her website is at Kyla regularly contributes to articles for leading consumer magazines, and blogs about healthy cake ingredients and recipes at