Delaying dementia – a case of nutritional inadequacies?

Time: 6:00 pm

Dementia is an ever-increasing concern and with an ageing population it is vital to understand the contributing factors to help prevent and slow its progression. Nutrition is now considered a significant contributor to the development of dementia, with a number of specific nutrients being linked to delaying or preventing its onset. This webinar explores the role of diet in the development of age-related dementia and the practical tools to help prevent and slow its progression.

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Dr Nina Bailey

About Dr Nina Bailey

Nina is a leading expert in marine fatty acids and their role in health and disease. Nina holds a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and received her doctorate from Cambridge University. Nina’s main area of interest is the role of essential fatty acids in inflammatory disorders. She is a published scientist and regularly features in national health publications and has featured as a nutrition expert on several leading and regional radio stations including SKY.FM, various BBC stations and London’s Biggest Conversation. Nina regularly holds training workshops and webinars both with the public and health practitioners.