Interpreting negative research – a practitioner toolkit for clinical success

Date: December 9, 2015
Time: All-day

During this webinar Sophie Tully BSc MSc DipPT will discuss why nutrition research often fails to produce positive results and the methodological flaws that contribute to poor research outcomes.

Sophie will provide a detailed explanation of what we can learn from the recent wave of negative nutrition research and how to carefully consider and determine the right supplement regime for your clients’ health concerns. Covering the most important factors to consider when choosing the nutrients, dose and timescale of a nutritional intervention Sophie will provide you with a practical clinical toolkit that can be applied to all of your protocols to ensure client success.

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Sophie Tully

About Sophie Tully

A trained pharmacologist, Sophie pursued her passion for health and nutrition by completing a master’s degree in Clinical & Public Health Nutrition at UCL, London. Sophie balances her Igennus role with her own private nutrition and health consultancy business working with elite athletes and the general public to achieve optimal health through lifestyle and dietary interventions. Sophie’s main research interests lie in the role of nutrition and lifestyle in inflammation, psychology and immunology. Sophie also lectures at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.