Nutritional protocols for gut permeability

Date: November 26, 2014
Time: All-day

As gut health has such an impact on many health conditions, this webinar covers the issues relating to increased gut permeability, and how to support this issue from a clinical perspective. Kyla discusses the problems you may face with clients dealing with gut issues, concentrating on how to heal a permeable gut (often called leaky gut) through diet and supplements. Gut issues linked to gut permeability including intolerances, gastritis and inflammatory bowel conditions are also be highlighted.

Nutritional protocols for healing a leaky gut includes recommended tests to identify specific causes, various aggravating foods to avoid, food and supplements to reduce inflammation, and supplements to support the healing process.

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Kyla Newcombe

About Kyla Newcombe

Kyla is a highly qualified clinical nutritionist with a master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine. Kyla runs her own private practice, offering personalised dietary and supplement advice. Kyla has extensive experience in weight management, skin disorders and digestive issues. Her website is at Kyla regularly contributes to articles for leading consumer magazines, and blogs about healthy cake ingredients and recipes at