Personalised omega-3 therapeutics: an update

Date: April 19, 2016
Time: All-day

Fatty acids carry out many functions that are necessary for maintaining optimal health, and the fatty acid status of a client provides valuable information that relates to both risk and progression of a range of diseases. Determining fatty acid status assists the practitioner in identifying those individuals who would benefit from omega-3 supplementation.  The Igennus Opti-O-3 biomarker test is a safe, cost effective and minimally invasive dried blood spot (DBS) method that can be carried out by the client at home.  In addition, the Opti-O-3 offers a personalised approach to condition management by focusing on optimising validated biomarkers of disease risk through identification of the client’s unique fatty acid requirements.

In this refresher webinar, Dr Bailey will discuss:

  • Fatty acid testing: who, why and when?
  • Why choose the Igennus Opti-O-3: a comparison of laboratories
  • How to interpret results, including:
    • New fatty acid reference ranges
    • Overview of fatty acid functions
  • Intervention considerations
  • Personalised intervention

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Dr Nina Bailey

About Dr Nina Bailey

Nina is a leading expert in marine fatty acids and their role in health and disease. Nina holds a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and received her doctorate from Cambridge University. Nina’s main area of interest is the role of essential fatty acids in inflammatory disorders. She is a published scientist and regularly features in national health publications and has featured as a nutrition expert on several leading and regional radio stations including SKY.FM, various BBC stations and London’s Biggest Conversation. Nina regularly holds training workshops and webinars both with the public and health practitioners.