The Health Delusion: interview with award-winning authors Glen Matten & Aidan Goggins, and nutrition scientist Sophie Tully

Time: 6:00 pm

The Health Delusion, which won the 2013 Medical Journalists’ Association award for best consumer health book. It is essential reading for anyone wishing to untangle the complex and confusing web of mixed nutrition and public health messages and recommendations constantly emerging from both government and media. It’s also a very readable and handy guide, with tips on what we should really be doing to achieve and maintain optimum health in the 21st century. Their book was the inspiration for this webinar. The authors discuss with our nutrition scientist Sophie Tully the latest findings on what is required to stay healthy and diminish the risk of chronic disease in the modern world. Aidan and Glen cover a broad range of topics, from antioxidants to exercise, fad diets to foetal development, veganism to dairy and meat, and fat to prescription drugs. They also discuss the tools we need to understand, interpret and use evidence-based science to optimise health nutrition;

Key topics:

  • Discover the latest findings on what is required to stay healthy in the modern world
  • Find out how to reduce the risk of chronic disease in the 21st century
  • Learn about maintaining optimal health at every stage of life through optimal diet, the correct supplements, and the much needed lifestyle changes.

View the webinar recording on YouTube.

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Sophie Tully

About Sophie Tully

A trained pharmacologist, Sophie pursued her passion for health and nutrition by completing a master’s degree in Clinical & Public Health Nutrition at UCL, London. Sophie balances her Igennus role with her own private nutrition and health consultancy business working with elite athletes and the general public to achieve optimal health through lifestyle and dietary interventions. Sophie’s main research interests lie in the role of nutrition and lifestyle in inflammation, psychology and immunology. Sophie also lectures at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.