Yes, in fact a combination of statins and EPA has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels more effectively than either substance individually. Statins, like EPA, inhibit an enzyme called HMG-CoA, which regulates the rate of cholesterol production in the body.  The positive outcomes are most prominent in those individuals who maintain an AA to EPA ratio of <3.   The AA to EPA ratio is a biomarker of inflammatory status and you can find information on how to check your AA to EPA ratio and your Omega-3 index by reading here: Opti-O-3 fatty acid biomarker test.

Ubiquinol coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is also extremely beneficial for people taking statin medication, as statins directly impair the production of CoQ10, leading to potential deficiencies of this essential energy-supporting nutrient. Many statin users experience general fatigue and restless leg symptoms such as twitching, throbbing, cramping that can be helped by supplementation with ubiquinol.

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