Taking EPA- and DHA-containing supplements is extremely beneficial during pregnancy (an intake of 250 mg/day of DHA is advised during the last trimester), but it is advisable to make your GP aware. A GP should be able to spot anything in your personal history that may give reason to avoid supplementation during pregnancy – for example, placenta praevia, a complication of pregnancy that can result in pre-term bleeding, which could be exacerbated by the blood-thinning effects of EPA.

Q: What about toxins and heavy metals during pregnancy?

Regarding concerns about heavy metals, our products are highly purified to remove contaminants. For those who choose to take our pure EPA products, we recommend eating moderate amounts of oily fish to support DHA levels, important for brain development, or to swap to one of our EPA/DHA blends during the last trimester when DHA requirements are at their highest. Alternatively, our EPA- and DHA-containing products provide comprehensive support for those women who choose not to consume oily fish whilst breastfeeding.

Glucosamine in Omegaflex supplements should not be taken by pregnant women.

Pregnant women should also avoid Mindcare FOCUS, which contains caffeine.

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