We optimise the uptake and retention of our nutrients by taking measures to overcome bioavailability issues. We incorporate a slow release matrix into our tablets and we actively encourage split-dosing to ensure all-day coverage. For example, when we look at nutrients such as B12 and vitamin C, absorption is far better when the nutrient is delivered at smaller doses at a sustained rate because the transport systems responsible for their uptake quickly become saturated.  This simply means that as the dose increases, the absorption rate decreases and the majority of your nutrient will simply pass though the body unabsorbed! This is unnecessarily wasteful and expensive, when split dosing can remedy this so easily.

We also encourage split dosing of our highly concentrated fish oils.  It’s well established that flooding the body with highly concentrated omega-3 can, in some cases, reduce their effectiveness.  For example, in the presence of oxidative stress (where there is pre-existing inflammation and low antioxidants) fatty acids can undergo a process known as peroxidation; adding high concentration, high-dose long-chain omega-3s to a pro-oxidant environment is just fanning the flames.  While many of our competitors do not encourage split dosing, we purposefully keep our fish oil capsules small (and easy to swallow) to encourage our customers to spread the dose over the day.  For example, the dose of our Pharmepa MAINTAIN is 1g omega-3 which is divided into 3 capsules to be taken evenly and over the day.  We also include an antioxidant to prevent peroxidation of the long-chain fats.

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Maxine Sheils

About Maxine Sheils

Maxine is a Nutritional Therapy graduate of the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Manchester who has recently joined Igennus as a customer support nutritionist and is based here in Cambridge. Her interest in nutrition was sparked after working as an au pair in Australia to a family who were living on a raw food diet where coincidentally, she started to endure severe digestive problems. She joined CNM as a student to further her new found passion and was able to support her own body in regaining health. Maxine is passionate about nutrition and her ability to help others achieve their optimal health. She specializes in female hormonal problems such as endometriosis, thyroid problems, stress, autoimmunity and digestive disorders. Her degree in psychology provides her with a strong ability to understand and motivate others to achieve their health goals.