Magnesium supplements always consist of magnesium and a form of carrier (in our case this is citric acid), and the fraction of the two that is actually magnesium is known as the elemental magnesium portion.  We choose the citrate form of magnesium because it is highly bioavailable (the majority of magnesium is absorbed and utilised by the body) and the citric acid provides additional health benefits. As a substrate for the Krebs cycle, citric acid directly contributes to the release of stored energy.

The elemental fraction of magnesium citrate is approx 16%, meaning that 720mg of magnesium citrate (the adult dose of Neurobalance) will deliver 120mg elemental magnesium.

In addition, it’s worth noting that our magnesium citrate is ‘fully reacted’ rather than just buffered.  In simple terms, a buffered product consists of magnesium, with citrate added, but without any chemical reaction to join the two.  In contrast, a ‘fully reacted’ product will deliver magnesium joined to citrate.  This process of ‘fully reacting’ the two means that the uptake of the magnesium is significantly increased compared to magnesium that is simply buffered with citric acid. Thus, fully reacted magnesium supplements will be superior in terms of the health benefits they deliver.

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← On the ingredients label, the magnesium is listed as “Magnesium citrate of which magnesium”. Could you explain what that means?