The omega-6 story is indeed a little confusing. However, omega-3 and omega-6 are two very different families of fatty acids that compete for the same enzymes within the body. This ‘pool’ of enzymes is quite limited, so whichever ‘family’ is dominant in the diet will hog the enzymes, meaning there is little left for use by the other family. As the omega-6 family is dominant in the typical Western diet, it can influence the production of beneficial by-products produced by the omega-3 family. Also, the omega-6 family forks at one point and can give rise to either inflammatory or anti-inflammatory products; h which pathway it follows is dependent on how much omega-3 is in the diet. When omega-6 dominates, then the body tends to produce inflammatory products and very little is produced by omega-3. Increasing omega-3, however, actually shuttles the omega-6 pathway down the anti-inflammatory route and reduces the amount of inflammatory products produced by omega-6. We include GLA in our products to ensure that the body produces beneficial products from both families.

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