It is very difficult to say how quickly you will notice benefits because factors such as age, weight, condition and lifestyle can all affect how quickly the fatty acids can be effectively used by the body. Of all the factors known to influence the effects of omega-3 on any one person, the most important is their baseline (or starting point!) omega-3 levels – better known as the ‘omega-3 index’. Those individuals who have lowest omega-3 levels will need to take higher amounts and for longer than individuals with a higher omega-3 index. The simplest way to maximise the health benefits from taking one of our omega-3 supplements is by taking the Opti-O-3 fatty acid biomarker test. By providing us with a small amount of blood (a simple process that can be performed in your own home using a lancet finger-prick device included with the test kit), our laboratory will identify your current levels. Using this information in conjunction with your weight, we calculate the bespoke dose required to help raise your omega-3 levels to those associated with clinical improvements.

With a personalised dose that matches your individual requirements, it takes the guesswork out of supplementation and optimises the speed with which the active ingredients start to provide noticeable benefits.

As a standard guideline however, conditions relating to mental health are often the quickest to respond, whilst those affecting the heart, energy, brain performance and cellular health may take several months. We recommend that individuals should take our products for a minimum of three months to show noticeable beneficial effects, though scientific studies show that those taking fatty acids for six months or more benefit from even greater improvement to symptoms.

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