Vitamin D, made in the skin from exposure to sunlight, is extremely important for our health and any excess is converted to harmless by-products; however excessive vitamin D intake from supplements can result in raised blood calcium levels – a condition known as hypercalcaemia.

Whilst vitamin D is removed from our oils during the purification process, allowing high omega-3 EPA doses to be taken safely, we do recognise the vital role vitamin D plays in almost all aspects of our health. Recent research shows that vitamin D works alongside EPA to further support many of its health benefits, particularly in the brain and central nervous system. It is for this reason we put vitamin D back into those of our products that are designed to support optimal wellbeing or specifically target the brain. As with all of our products, the doses are kept well within the upper tolerable limit whilst still providing the high levels needed for optimal health. It is perfectly safe to take 6 capsules of Maintain or mix Maintain with MindCare without being at risk of vitamin D toxicity.

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