Simply put, most of our supplements have been developed for clinical use targeting inflammatory symptoms, for which pure EPA omega-3 is most effective. Whilst EPA and DHA are both important fatty acids that are essential for good health, depending on which fatty acid you are targeting and the type of support you need (intensive support or general wellbeing) the optimum EPA to DHA ratio differs. The digestion and absorption of fatty acids can influence the incorporation of EPA and DHA and if you are looking to benefit from EPA’s actions specifically, pure EPA oil is more effective at raising EPA levels and reducing the AA to EPA ratio than EPA & DHA together. Once the AA to EPA ratio is more balanced (which can take around 3 months) we then introduce DHA to help support a healthy Omega-3 index of between 8-10%.

Read more about the importance of the EPA/DHA ratio or alternatively see our health pages, since recommendations differ for each area of health.

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