The Natural Way to Beat Depression

The Natural Way to Beat Depression by Professor Basant Puri

The Natural Way to Beat Depression by Professor Basant Puri. Buy Now

The Natural Way to Beat Depression: The Groundbreaking Discovery of EPA to Change Your Life

by Professor Basant K. Puri, Hodder, London, 2005.

Based on cutting-edge research, this book uncovers the pioneering discovery of EPA as an effective treatment for depression. A new solution to the growing epidemic of depression is emerging that is safe, effective and entirely natural. Professor Basant Puri reveals here, for the first time, why EPA – a nutrient contained in oily fish – is so extraordinarily effective in treating depression without the side effects produced by conventional medication. He also shows how we can incorporate EPA into a healthy lifestyle to gain from its remarkable benefits ourselves.

What people say…

This book was life changing for me. It gave me the confidence to come off my antidepressants. The fact that my doctor recommended taking an omega supplement when I was reducing my antidepressant medication led me to read Professor Puri’s book and learn about a natural way to beat depression that was more effective for me than any of my antidepressants ever were and without the dreadful side-effects I experienced with conventional medication. Of course antidepressants have their place but EPA supplements can also be taken alongside medication and help lift your mood. If your antidepressants are making no difference but you want or have to keep taking them, take EPA and when you feel better, you know that it’s the EPA.

Helen McNallen

“When I found the Book ‘The Natural Way to Beat Depression’ by Professor Pur  & Hilary Boyd, it changed my life. After 20 years of regular depression, I started to take the maximum dose of Vegepa and eating whole foods (not processed), and three months on, I started to feel in a much better mood. I still would take my antidepressants for a good while, because I had, with my GP’s knowledge, tried without them before. But now I do not need them at all.

Thank you so much Vegepa and Igennus. I also, with her mother’s permission, put my youngest granddaughter on EPA and the difference it made with her schoolwork was amazing. She seemed to wake up. Thank you so much.”

Marjory Staines, Surrey.

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