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Manufacturing update: understanding excipients

Our products are formulated for efficacy and as such we choose our raw ingredients carefully, with a focus on factors such as form and bioavailability.  In addition to the active ingredients, we are also very careful when it comes to choosing our excipients.  These non-active […]

Manufacturing update: supercritical extraction

Our new omega-3 oil supplier uses supercritical CO2 extraction – a gentler process that’s better for the environment Igennus is transitioning over to a new omega-3 oil supplier, and several of our products now contain omega-3 oil purified via a cutting edge process called Supercritical […]

Introducing Pure Essentials – advanced everyday nutrition

This month we are excited to launch the first of our new Pure Essentials supplements for everyday wellbeing. Pure Essentials captures the very best of natural raw ingredients and uses advanced delivery technologies proven by science to deliver optimal amounts of nutrients into the body. Starting with a […]

The new, upgraded Pharmepa MAINTAIN

Pharmepa MAINTAIN is a new & improved ultra-high potency omega-3 fish oil supplement – offering super-concentrated and absorbable omega-3 in rTG form to increase cellular EPA and DHA levels rapidly, with additional omega-6 GLA for optimum health maintenance. Pharmepa MAINTAIN is the ideal follow-on supplement […]


Igennus Healthcare Nutrition celebrates 10th anniversary

May 2014 is a special time for us here at Igennus Healthcare Nutrition as we mark our 10th anniversary.  Since 2004, we have pioneered therapeutic EPA-only omega-3 formulations, offering effective science-based healthcare solutions for the treatment of inflammatory conditions. As we celebrate our 10th birthday, […]

CAM magazine

For her first invited contribution to CAM magazine, our Head of Clinical Nutrition, Dr Nina Bailey reviewed the latest research on the role of the omega-3s EPA and DHA in the prevention and management of cardiovascular health. Nina clarifies many of the inaccuracies within publications […]