Calling volunteers as Igennus begins skincare trial!

Skin conditions, such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, can cause severe symptoms that impact directly on daily living and quality of life.  Whilst there are many pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatments to reduce the symptoms associated with these conditions, many sufferers find that many simply do not work, or have side effects that impact to a degree by which compliance to a treatment is often affected.  Our EPA supplements have already helped many people who suffer from psoriosis, and Igennus is dedicated to helping individuals not only with psoriasis, but with other skin disorders such as dermatitis and eczema. We hope to launch a new skin product within the next year; our skincare formulation is based on the latest scientific research with the aim of offering further and direct relief from the symptoms of these dilapidating skin conditions.   As such we are pleased to announce that we are beginning the first round of trials before the launch of our new skincare formulation early next year.   If you are a sufferer, and would like to be considered for the trial, please get in contact by e-mailing or calling direct on 0845 1300 424.

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