Cambridge Evening News: Igennus makes a case for financial nutrition by Jenny Chapman

Dr Nina Bailey and Dr Jav Nazemi, of city-based dietary supplement firm Igennus, share their firm’s recipe for success with JENNY CHAPMAN.

It all started when Dr Nazemi’s daughter developed really bad headaches when she was 12.

“We thought they were migraines, so we took her to hospital, but it turned out to be rheumatic fever and a leaky valve.

“It was panic, panic. The doctors wanted to put her on penicillin and aspirin, but that’s not good for a child long term. Then a friend, who is a scientist, suggested fish oil, not just cod liver oil, but purified and with special fatty acids.”

The only trouble was, the family could not find such a product, so Dr Nazemi decided to make one.

At the time he was involved with a software company at Fen Drayton, Infomatrix, which was sold to Simoco Derby in 2008, although long before that Dr Nazemi had turned much of his attention to what would be Igennus’ launch product, Vegepa.

This has become a bestseller in its own way, bearing in mind that Igennus products are not sold on price and don’t attempt to compete with the supplements sold in supermarkets. Dr Bailey likens it to olive oil, the range you can buy, in quality and price.

He now wants to put Igennus’ supplements through clinical trials so they can be licensed, and prescribed on the NHS. He also wants this for people with debilitating ills, who often can’t afford his supplements.

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