Daily Express – ‘Could Oily Fish Help Autism?’

Article in The Daily Express Tuesday 8th April, 2008

Could Oily Fish Help Autism?

Vegepa was recommended as the supplement of choice for a Daily Express case study; 14 year old Daniel suffered from Asperger’s syndrome and was also subject to bouts of severe depression:

“Daniel’s mother has no doubt that the four tablets of the EPA fish oil supplement Vegepa that Daniel takes each day have helped him turn his life around.

“Just before he started taking the supplements his depression was really bad but within a few weeks he was making amazing progress… One of the biggest changes is in his sleep patterns.  Instead of being up all night, he goes to bed and gets up at a normal time.  He also seems more able to cope with life whereas before he just couldn’t manage ordinary things such as eating  meals and bathing.  He exercises, listens to classical music and walks the dogs.  He’s much more level-headed and stable now.  At least Daniel has peace of mind.””

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