Igennus expands its offering to help people lead happier, healthier lives with the launch of personalised nutrition coaching from MyOnlineCLINIC

This week we are excited to launch MyOnlineCLINIC – the UK’s first online personalised nutrition and health programme that guides you towards optimum health with advice that’s relevant and unique to you.  The result of many months of work from our team here at Igennus, we are excited to start helping people make positive changes to their diet and lifestyle with nutrition coaching provided by experienced health professionals.  

Igennus is a family-run company founded on the principles of holistic health and nutritional science and this ethos continues to guide the company today. My father co-founded Igennus in 2004 with the sole purpose of helping people to manage their health naturally, and our focus since then has been on developing clinical nutrition supplements to improve daily nutrition, as natural alternatives to medication where appropriate. Even though our family has always valued natural health approaches over conventional medication and eaten a natural diet of home cooked and varied good quality food, it’s impossible not to be influenced after working side-by-side with nutritionists for 13 years, collaborating with practitioners and following nutrition science research. We’ve had our eyes opened, horizons expanded and behaviours changed – reflected in developments seen over recent years and in the launch today of MyOnlineCLINIC.

Making good on our philosophy to help people be kind to their health

Our health experts at Igennus specialise in the role of nutrition and diet in health and disease, and advocate a simple but effective philosophy towards health: be kind to your health; follow science, not trends; prevention is the key to good health. Though we still focus on nutrition, we’re also very mindful of the fact that our health is influenced by our external environment, such as sleep quality, movement and exercise, and stress levels. These elements of daily life can either contribute to our state of health and vitality, or take from it. If you’ve been following Igennus for a few years, you’ll be aware that our content has also broadened. Our philosophy remains the same, but we now have a broader purpose and we’ve come to feel very passionate about how we can, and should, support people in their efforts to restore or maintain their health and ensure they stay healthy long term. We are making it our mission to support people towards significant, lasting changes to their health and wellbeing through MyOnlineCLINIC where our nutritionists take each individual, unique person on their ‘journey’ to reach optimum health.

Personalised nutrition – one size does not fit all!

Although we’ve been offering advice and recommendations for years about diet, nutrition and lifestyle via articles and webinars, this ‘one-to-many’ approach has its limitations when it comes to each individual knowing what applies to them and when. Nutrition education is important and valuable (yes, our ongoing nutrition blog content is here to stay!) but what’s truly optimal is supporting people one-to-one. Personalised nutrition – whereby dietary advice is based on an individual’s specific needs – has been a hot topic for some time and for good reason.  When it comes to improving health, individualised advice is optimal. Not only is health far more complicated than one single diet, but we are all individual – unique biology, genetics, lifestyle and environment can explain why two individuals may respond entirely differently to the same intervention. What puts you on the road to great health may not be what works for your best friend. General health and diet guidelines can be a good starting point but they’ll only get us so far. There is no ‘perfect’ diet, no one single regimen that guarantees everlasting health.

Effecting real positive change requires an in-depth understanding of an individual, their current diet and lifestyle and existing health status. Indeed, this is nothing new – it’s the foundation of nutrition therapy and is what clinical nutritionists do day in, day out. Nutrition coaching, which we’re now offering at MyOnlineCLINIC, is the optimal way to help you identify your primary needs, hone in on the key changes you need to make soonest, and monitor the effects of these changes over the short to medium term.

What is the MyOnlineCLINIC health programme?

Achieving a healthier lifestyle isn’t an all or nothing approach – it’s actually more about achieving balance longer term. The MyOnlineCLINIC health programme kicks off with a comprehensive analysis of diet and lifestyle. We’ve created an interactive screening tool that scores six key areas that affect health and wellbeing: diet, activity levels, lifestyle, body weight, stress and any current health concerns.  Using advanced proprietary algorithms we build a picture of an individual’s health, and score each section from poor to excellent to reveal which areas are supporting – or hindering – your health and wellbeing. This detailed assessment is the basis for all of the advice provided in your nutrition coaching consultation. Your nutritionist will identify any low scoring areas that need the most attention – improvement being the key concept behind the advice offered by MyOnlineCLINIC which emphasises the importance of making small, sustainable changes. After your consultation, our key recommendations are all detailed in your Personalised Improvement Plan, which is your roadmap to better health. We include recommendations for improving your section scores, and include tips for food shopping, making food healthier simply by adapting cooking methods, hints for choosing healthier options with convenience foods or when eating out, as well as ideas for leading a more active, reduced stress lifestyle.

Subsidised coaching for Igennus customers

Although we develop and manufacture supplements and believe they have an important place in supplementing the diet, the foundation of good nutrition is what we eat day to day. All of this exposure has shaped our company identity and desire to inspire real change in the people we come across. We are grateful to have so many loyal customers stay with us for years, and we’d like to extend our gratitude by offering a 30% discount on an Initial Consultation for existing Igennus customers who’d like to join the MyOnlineCLINIC programme – simply use the code LAUNCH30 by 30th September 2017. Visit myonlineclinic.com to find out more and get started today.


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