Igennus Raises Over £30K for ME Research UK

Since the Spring of 2006, we have been working alongside full time Carer Lynne Kersh, to provide the benefits of our supplement Vegepa for thousands of ME patients, while raising important funds for biomedical research for ME Research UK.  Lynne’s daughter Daliany is a long-standing sufferer of ME.

Vegepa 4ME scheme donations

Igennus donations to ME Research UK

The Vegepa For ME scheme now has almost five thousand members, who take Vegepa on a regular basis to help manage their symptoms of M.E. Overwhelmingly, most people have experienced marked improvements in some of their symptoms (noticeably better concentration, less brain-fog, more refreshing sleep, while others report greater energy).

For every box of Vegepa sold through this scheme we donate 50 pence to charity, providing funding for academics to carry out research into this much misunderstood condition.

As Lynne says, “I’m absolutely delighted that during the life of the scheme we have been able to donate £31,739.50 to ME Research UK. More is being collected every day towards our next donation — and the scheme now has 4829 members in 20 different countries.”

We would like to thank Lynne and all members of the Vegepa for ME scheme for making this possible, and hope that we can donate even more in 2010, helping to support ME Research UK action projects such as a brain imaging study at the University of London, and the brain, liver and muscle project at the University of Newcastle.

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