Igennus Raises over £36K for ME Research UK

Whilst nutritional and complementary therapies can provide relief from symptoms of ME they do not provide an answer to the cause. Indeed, as with any poorly understood condition, research is the key to identifying the cause and consequences of this debilitating illness. ME Research UK is a national charity dedicated to funding biomedical research into ME/CFS.

Since the Spring of 2006, we have been working alongside Lynne Kersh, to provide the benefits of our supplement Vegepa for thousands of ME patients, while raising important funds for biomedical research. The Vegepa for ME scheme provides valuable support for its members and from each tub of Vegepa sold through the scheme; Igennus donates a contribution to the charity. To date, Igennus is proud to have helped raise over £36K for ME Research UK and will continue to contribute to their aim of “Energising ME Research”.

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