Igennus Supports The Kindness Offensive

Having been contacted by The Kindness Offensive (an organisation set-up to ‘Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty’), we have agreed to provide free Vegepa for a lady named Lynne who has suffered from ME for many years. Having taken Vegepa previously for several months, she found that it really helped her symptoms.  Personal circumstances prevented Lynne from continuing with Vegepa, and her condition deteriorated. The Kindness Offensive, who are following Lynne over the next year and will be filming her progress, contacted us on her behalf, asking if we would provide Vegepa to help Lynne to get better.  As a company dedicated to our customers’ well-being, we are glad to be able to help. It’s likely that the story will be shown some time next year – we’ll keep you posted.

For those customers whose circumstances prevent them from taking Vegepa – or indeed any of our other products – for a specific condition, we advise that you download our patient pack and present this to your doctor, who may be willing to prescribe omega-3 fish oil for you.

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Watch The Kindness Offensive in action on YouTube!
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