New-look range packaging & introducing E-EPA 90 & Omegaflex DUO

We’re delighted to introduce our rebranded range of ethyl-EPA supplements in unified new-look packaging and two new products. Though each product has retained its signature colour, the range has undergone a significant redesign to reflect our natural, pure and clinical product features.
Our new prescription-strength product E-EPA 90, for optimum brain function, emotional wellbeing and heart health, provides ‘loading’ doses of EPA to restore omega-3 deficiencies for up to three months. Once omega-3 and omega-6 levels are rebalanced, we recommend progressing to a maintenance dose of Vegepa E-EPA 70 with added GLA.

We’ve also upgraded our joint health product Omegaflex DUO, which is now available as a unique combo capsule pack. This advanced multi-action formula, which is based on our old formulation of Omegaflex, has undergone further development and now provides comprehensive support for the joints and bones.

We hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of our clinical-grade marine EPA supplements (or Echium Seed Oil in Echiomega if you’re vegetarian!) and we look forward to your feedback. As always, we’re only a phone call away if you have any questions or comments.

Why we’ve rebranded

You’ll notice that our product packaging and websites contain fewer mentions of ‘omega-3 fish oil’ and that reflects our firm, science-backed belief that EPA is worthy of independent status as a key therapeutic active. There are numerous clinical studies demonstrating the efficacious actions of pure EPA, particularly regarding its dual-action regulation of inflammation. Its unique benefits offer support for cardiovascular health, brain function, emotional wellbeing, as well as skin conditions and joint problems. It’s easy to confuse pure EPA products with standard omega-3 supplements combining ratios of EPA and DHA, but we want to set ourselves apart by communicating more precisely what our specialist products are – the contents of Vegepa, for example, have not changed, but from now on we’ll be emphasising EPA for clarity.

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