The new, upgraded Pharmepa MAINTAIN

Pharmepa MAINTAIN is a new & improved ultra-high potency omega-3 fish oil supplement – offering super-concentrated and absorbable omega-3 in rTG form to increase cellular EPA and DHA levels rapidly, with additional omega-6 GLA for optimum health maintenance. Pharmepa MAINTAIN is the ideal follow-on supplement after taking pure EPA to address inflammation, or for individuals who simply want the best omega-3 fish oil supplement to support a healthy omega-3 intake long term.

  • Now in nature-identical rTG form for enhanced absorption to raise omega-3 cellular levels (5x better than krill, 3x better than standard TG fish oil)
  • Super concentrated with 80% EPA and DHA omega-3
  • Higher GLA dose

Beyond anti-inflammatory support to optimum wellbeing maintenance

For 10 years, Igennus have focused on pure EPA omega-3 supplements designed to provide anti-inflammatory support in a variety of health conditions. Thus, for our therapeutic anti-inflammatory supplements, we have specifically excluded the other major omega-3 fatty acid DHA from our products. The recent introduction of DHA in MindCare and now Pharmepa MAINTAIN reflects a broadening of our approach to omega-3 nutrition, no longer only supporting health conditions but also using our expertise to provide the most effective and premium nutrition supplements for optimum health and wellbeing maintenance.


  • We continue to recommend pure EPA as the most effective way to restore inflammatory control. The competitive relationship between EPA and DHA during digestion and absorption has meant that we’ve always used (and continue to use) pure EPA to target and address inflammation – quite simply it’s the most effective and fastest way to restore a healthy AA to EPA ratio.
  • EPA & DHA are optimal for wellbeing. With the right nutrition and lifestyle, most people will return to good health. At Igennus we believe we have a role to play in supporting people through this journey back to health and beyond. This fits with our broader philosophy about the role of diet and nutrition in achieving and, crucially, sustaining optimum health. DHA does play an important role in wellbeing, and can be reintroduced in supplement form after the AA to EPA ratio has been addressed and inflammation regulation restored – to support a healthy omega-3 index (the percentage of EPA + DHA in red blood cell membranes). Pharmepa MAINTAIN’s new formulation provides the best form of omega-3 (rTG) in high concentration, with optimal doses of EPA, DHA and GLA to support long-term nutritional needs.
  • DHA in ethyl-ester form is not stable, DHA in rTG form is stable and has very low oxidation: our supplements have always been used clinically, so concentration and dose are vital factors for our EPA range. Until recently, the only viable form to achieve high concentration, high dose EPA was ethyl-ester. Thanks to improvements in manufacturing technology, re-esterified triglyceride (rTG) oils are now a viable option and these offer tremendous stability and very low oxidation. In certain areas, once inflammatory control is restored with pure EPA, we are including DHA in protocols because we are 100% happy with the stability and low oxidation of DHA in rTG form.

What’s new in this upgraded formula?

We have reformulated and improved Pharmepa MAINTAIN to provide a daily dose of 750 mg EPA and 250 mg of DHA, still supporting the body’s higher turnover of EPA, while ensuring DHA levels are optimal. MAINTAIN also offers a higher 60 mg dose of anti-inflammatory omega-6 GLA from cold-pressed organic evening primrose oil, which works in synergy with the omega-3 fatty acids to ‘switch off’ the production of inflammatory chemicals from AA (arachidonic acid).

Key to this formulation change is the upgrade from ethyl-ester to the ultra-concentrated and absorbable rTG (re-esterified triglyceride) form. rTG is by far the most effective form of omega-3 at raising cellular omega-3 levels because it offers high dose, high concentration and high bioavailability – the three key factors which determine how well an omega-3 supplement will raise omega-3 levels in your red blood cells.

Small capsules support split-dosing

1-a-day dosing might seem like a good idea but when it comes to omega-3, this is likely to inhibit absorption. All of our omega-3 supplements deliver a maximum of 700mg omega-3 in one capsule – any higher than this and the body will struggle to absorb the active ingredients and instead use it as energy. To effectively increase cellular omega-3 levels (which is the reason we take omega-3!), it is far better to split your dose, taking capsules at different times of day (ie breakfast-lunch-dinner).

Which Pharmepa supplement should you take?

Pharmepa MAINTAIN is the ideal omega-3 supplement for optimum wellbeing support that can be used by the whole family. We continue to recommend Pharmepa RESTORE for the initial treatment phase for anyone concerned about inflammation, since pure EPA is the most effective way to restore a healthy AA to EPA ratio (an accurate measure of inflammation). Pharmepa MAINTAIN is ideal as a follow-on after pre-loading the body with pure EPA, to support both EPA and DHA levels long term. Individuals who are already in good health may wish to go straight onto Pharmepa MAINTAIN, which will support optimal cellular omega-3 levels lifelong, as well as healthy omega-3 and omega-6 balance.

Why we now include DHA in some of our omega-3 oils

We have never endorsed the ethyl-ester form of DHA, as there were concerns about stability and oxidation. Fortunately, re-esterified triglyceride (rTG) omega-3 oils are now a viable option, and have allowed us to reconsider our position on the use of supplementary DHA,  which means we are now able to offer support for general health maintenance.

We are a science-led company and we recognise that scientific understanding is ever evolving; as such, from time to time we update our formulations as omega-3 science progresses. We also acknowledge that the general population consumes less than 40% of the recommended oily fish intake, meaning that both EPA and DHA levels are low in most people. Whilst the evidence continues to grow and support EPA’s role as the key therapeutic fatty acid, there are times when we need to introduce DHA in supplement form, especially if we aren’t including fish in our diets on a weekly basis. All Igennus supplements prioritise a higher intake of EPA over DHA and the new MAINTAIN formulation has been produced to support and complement our high strength pure EPA therapeutic products.

What if you don’t want a DHA product?

Pharmepa RESTORE provides our highest strength pure EPA oil and continues to be the ideal solution for those seeking a high dose therapeutic product for managing inflammatory-related conditions. Individuals who wish to continue taking EPA but would like to include omega-6 GLA may choose to continue with Vegepa.

Does DHA inhibit EPA’s actions?

It is not the case that supplementing with DHA is detrimental to health or completely blocks EPA’s actions, but if we want to increase EPA levels, it is far more efficient to take a pure EPA supplement. Some conditions also respond better to pure EPA than EPA + DHA.

Pharmepa RESTORE and Vegepa, as well as our joint & bone support products, are formulated to optimise the anti-inflammatory health benefits of EPA and therefore contain no DHA, whilst our MindCare range and Pharmepa MAINTAIN still provide good doses of excess EPA and enough DHA to support our requirements long term.

Should you take an EPA product or an EPA/DHA product?

If you are seeking to supplement with a high quality fish oil product for general health purposes, rather than for therapeutic purposes, then a supplement with a high ratio of EPA to DHA is likely to provide all-round health benefits. For support with inflammatory conditions, pure EPA is optimal for at least the first six months.

How do you know if you need EPA or DHA?

The most precise way to tell whether you would benefit from pure EPA or combined EPA and DHA is to test your omega-3 red blood cell levels with our Opti-O-3 fatty acid biomarker test. Based on your results, we can calculate the optimal dose of omega-3 and identify your specific requirements for both EPA and DHA.

What dose should you take?

Without knowing your current omega-3 red blood cell levels, any dosing is based on generalised population data and therefore will not be optimal for your needs. The Opti-O-3 test can identify the correct dose of EPA or EPA/DHA to restore your omega-3 levels to optimal – levels which correlate with good health and lowest risk of heart and mental health conditions.

As always, if you have a question relating to our product range, please send a question to our nutritionists or call in and speak with them directly on 01223 421434.


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Nina is a leading expert in marine fatty acids and their role in health and disease. Nina holds a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and received her doctorate from Cambridge University. Nina’s main area of interest is the role of essential fatty acids in inflammatory disorders. She is a published scientist and regularly features in national health publications and has featured as a nutrition expert on several leading and regional radio stations including SKY.FM, various BBC stations and London’s Biggest Conversation. Nina regularly holds training workshops and webinars both with the public and health practitioners.