The Times – ‘Fat Pupils On Fish Oils…’

Fat pupils on fish oils make a mental leap

The Times’ science reporter, Lewis Smith, reports on the findings of a study in which Vegepa was given to overweight children for three months, their brains scanned before and after the study. Below is an extract from the article:

“”The results were astonishing” said Professor Basant Puri, who led the study. “In three months you might expect to see a small NAA increase. But we saw as much growth as you would normally see in three years. It was as if these were the brains of children three years older.”

At the start of the pilot study, the children were given a supplement called Vegepa. They took two capsules a day and were encouraged to cut down on fatty snacks and fizzy drinks and be more active.

After three months the children’s reading abilities were a year ahead, their handwriting was neater and more accurate and they paid more attention in class.

The children were asked to change their diet but there was no evidence that they did to any great extent and Professor Puri believes that the changed were caused by the supplement, which is derived from oily fish and evening primrose oil.  It contains an essentially fatty acid called EPA, but significantly, another type of fatty acid, DHA, is absent. Previous studies by Professor Puri have shown this formula can improve brain function in adults.”

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