Article on Echium Seed Oil by Dr Bailey in VegFamily Magazine

Omega fatty acids refer to a class of fat that we need to include in our diets to avoid becoming deficient. While our bodies can manufacture certain types of fat, we do not have the ability to make them all. However, the term ‘omega fats’ should really be clarified; they are the name of a family of fat or ‘fatty acids’ of which there are many types, each with specific functions, but some having quite different and more important functions than others. There are two main types of omega fatty acids, both plant oiloil derived polyunsaturated fats: LA (the parent omega-6 fatty acidfatty acid) and ALA (the parent omega-3 fatty acid). Humans are able to convert LA and ALA to more physiologically active fatty acids through a series of reactions – DGLA and AA from the omega-6 series, and EPA and DHADHA, from the omega-3 series.

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VegFamily Magazine - 'Healthy Omega-3 from Echium Seed Oil'
Vegetarians, vegans, and what they need to know about omega-3