Case study: how MindCare BALANCE helped Laurie cope with stress

Laurie Walmsley

“After taking MindCare BALANCE for several months, i felt more resilient to stress and anxiety and i seemed to have more energy than when i was taking Vegepa to help with CFS/ME symptoms.”

Mindcare balance also seemed to help delay the onset of physical and mental fatigue and muscle pain due to CFS/ME. I felt more alert and less exhausted while taking the supplement. This was the case even when working long and physically and mentally demanding days without enough sleep, which would hitherto have had a debilitating effect.

Having stopped taking MindCare BALANCE, I suffered a period of intense low mood. While correlation may not imply causation (it was january after all!) I believe it may have helped to keep winter blues at bay until i stopped taking it having exhausted my supply.

Great to know that the product is made from sustainably sourced fish”.

Laurie has now been taking MindCare BALANCE for three months and continues to see improvements in his condition.

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