‘Depression Can Be Fun’: a recommended read!

Yesterday’s World Mental Health day saw the return of the most successful ‘Tea and Talk’ afternoon. Not only was this an opportunity for friends and strangers to discuss the many areas of mental health, but it was also used as an opportunity to raise much needed funds as donations to The Mental Health Foundation, the UK’s leading charity in the field of research and development in mental health. If you missed out on the event, and you want to know a little bit more about depression from first hand experience, why not check out the book ‘Depression Can Be Fun’ by Helen McNallen. New to our site, it’s a frank and honest story of one woman’s journey as she her battles her way through depression and into recovery. This unusually titled book highlights the ‘black comedy’ of her experiences, and delightfully describes how she chose to swap pharmaceutical drugs in favour of using several holistic approaches to combating her depression, including her very successful use of Vegepa. This book is certainly of use to anyone suffering from (or knows someone who suffers from) depression, and as well as anything else you may gain, will have you in stitches! A recommended read!

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