Feature story: Duncan Evans

The words no one wants to hear from their GP when they are called in to receive results from a blood test – “Sit down Mr Evans, I am afraid I have some bad news for you.” Having had blood tested after a very high blood pressure reading, 55-year-old Duncan Evans was concerned and feared the worst.

“I consulted my doctor in secret following a funny turn at work, not wanting to worry my wife and family. The call came within 48 hours after my bloods were taken, and I have to admit, I thought my number may be up!”

Overweight by his own admission, and far too used to an overindulgent and sedentary lifestyle, Duncan was somewhat relieved to find out that he had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and, with the right treatment, would have a second chance with life.

Vegepa is an important part of managing Duncan's diabetes and high blood pressure

“It was a real awakening for me. At 55 and with no serious health problems to date, I guess I thought I was indestructible. I had done everything to excess, but playing squash once a week didn’t come close to offering a balance. Unfortunately I couldn’t change my diagnosis or beat the disease, but I could change my lifestyle; which is exactly what I vowed to do.”

The GP prescribed statins to help with Duncan’s blood pressure and high cholesterol, but in a very short space of time, it was evident that the side effects were crippling him. The muscle aches were so severe that at a routine appointment with the diabetic nurse, he announced that he would rather take his chances with a heart attack than live the rest of his life in this pain.

Sympathetic, and a keen advocate of alternative medication, the diabetic nurse suggested that fish oils may be of considerable benefit should he choose to stop taking the statins, so Duncan set about finding a new treatment.

“I think it was in a broadsheet newspaper that I first heard about Vegepa, suggesting that there was considerable benefit to boosting memory functionality in youngsters and that it could possibly help the memory of older people too. Concerned about maintaining my ‘marbles’ as well as managing my condition, I decided to investigate the product further. I was particularly interested in the claims that Vegepa could be used in the management of cardiovascular conditions, so I ordered some.

“Although I had no serious illness before my diabetes diagnosis, I did suffer with bad knees for which I’d had an operation. I was told that I had severe arthritis, and was developing it in my coccyx [the ‘tailbone’ at the very bottom of the spine] also. My only other complaint was some eczema, which I had suffered from for years.

“I started on the Vegepa and within six months started to notice a real improvement in my mobility and skin. I combined the supplements with an improved diet, reduction in dairy products and more exercise, and over the next few years I lost a couple of stone in weight.

“The biggest improvement, however, is that since taking Vegepa I have had nothing but good check-ups with my diabetes. I am regularly tested for my cholesterol and blood sugar and, without the use of the statins, I am below the danger zone and managing my condition extremely well.”

Duncan and his wife have recently bought a large motor home to enjoy their impending retirement next year and have a lot to look forward to. He is even trying to get his son to start on Vegepa to help maintain his memory!

“I have said to others that although Vegepa isn’t cheap, when you  consider that it costs less than a pint of beer a day then it is ‘peanuts’ for the incredible health benefits it brings. I am just so thoroughly satisfied with this product! I want to make the most of my health and Vegepa is now a huge part of that.”




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