Feature story – Nicola Reed

For massage therapist Nicola, having a visible and uncomfortable skin condition on her arms and around her body couldn’t help but affect her confidence with clients and her ability to do her job. An avid vegetarian for the past twenty years and someone who was very considered with her diet, Nicola was confused as to what could have been causing, and exacerbating, this skin issue.

The patches of sore, itchy skin started to appear in 2012. Small, but visible and irritated, Nicola hoped they would just go away on their own.  Twelve months later they had spread and grown considerably in size, so she went to the doctors and was diagnosed with psoriasis.

“I was confused as to how I could have developed this out of the blue as nothing had changed in my diet or lifestyle. I decided to see a nutritionist to get some advice on my diet and see if anything could be done”, Nicola explains.

Pharmepa TG EPA 90 Step 1 3D side view - cropped - Copy (2)

Pharmepa Restore & Maintain helped rid Nicola of her psoriasis.

The nutritionist diagnosed Nicola with the gut bacteria imbalance Candida, as well as having an omega-3 deficiency from her vegetarianism. It was then that Nicola started taking Igennus Pharmepa Restore & Maintain, alongside a high strength probiotic, to help balance her gut bacteria and increase her levels of omega-3.

“In less than a year, the patches of psoriasis shrunk from the size of my palm to the size of the tip of my thumb, and my skin is incredible. I have no need to moisturise anymore!”

Nicola was also diagnosed with dairy and gluten intolerances.

“It was a long journey to work out my triggers for the condition, and I am not a vegetarian any more. In fact, I eat a lot of fish! My seven year old daughter is now taking Igennus Vegepa too!”

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