Feature story: Teresa Wilmott

It’s a well-coined phrase, but for some people ‘life is a rollercoaster’ is apt. This was true for mother of two, Teresa Willmott.

“I have had thyroid issues for a long time which has specific side effects, so when I was particularly low and lethargic in 2010, I put it down to being ‘out of sync’ with my medication and went to see the doctor. I was diagnosed with mild to moderate depression and prescribed the routine medication, as well as an appointment with a wellbeing counsellor.

Teresa Wilmott: determined to lead a full, fit & healthy life without antidepressants

“The counsellor helped me to pinpoint the cause of my depression, but I quickly came to realise that it was beyond my control to do anything about it, so I had to find another alternative as I didn’t want to spend my whole life on antidepressants.

“I lead a very healthy lifestyle, despite my various health conditions, and am passionate about keeping fit and eating the right balance of foods. Taking antidepressant medication didn’t fit with that, and I thought there must be another way to ‘fix’ my problem.

“It wasn’t long before I came across Vegepa and started reading the many positive testimonials from its users. It sounded great, and because I also suffer with high cholesterol, hair thinning, brittle nails and digestive problems, as well as the ongoing thyroid problems, I saw many reasons why I should try it.”

Teresa purchased Vegepa and started on a dose of the omega supplement shortly after coming off her prescribed medication, and with great success.

Having now been taking Vegepa for almost two years, Teresa was amazed that her symptoms didn’t return and she felt fit and well – more like her old self. But that’s not all:

“I have nails for the first time in my life! Long, strong, healthy nails – it’s fantastic!” laughs Teresa.

Despite her positive experiences with Vegepa, Teresa decided to stop taking them for a while for financial reasons. Within a month, she found herself on the brink of tears with many of the same symptoms returning.

“It was quite incredible that within such a short space of time, I started to feel so low and my psychological symptoms were back. I felt confused and depressed. It was clear that I needed to keep taking Vegepa to manage my condition, so I reordered.”

Teresa has two teenaged sons who, between them, suffer with dyspraxia and ADHD. Having been so impressed with the effect of omega supplements on her own health, she has now started them on a low dose to see if it makes any difference. In the meantime, Teresa has found a way to take back control of her condition, and lead a full, fit and healthy life.

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